Put the power in your hands:
Break the data out of its silo, add behaviour and feed rich customer intelligence to all your systems
...in three simple steps

Pull together every fragment of customer data you already have into a real-time, accessible Profile.

Enhance Profiles with behavior to truly understand your customers and use Universal Segments to create consistent conversations on every channel.

Feed profiles and segments back to EVERY technology or marketing tool and use them to power your entire marketing program.

Join the dots

Collect data from ANY marketing technology, silo or internal system.

Control the data

Choose precisely what data you want to bring in to the Profile.

See the person behind the data

Combine all data from across you domains, customer views and devices into one Profile.

Your data...connected

'Matching' - User ID's, Cookies, usernames, email address -        is automatic.

From our CRM to our call centers, we have a lot of data... we want to be able to connect these data silos and power all our content

Alexander Widmark, Three



Finally, you can understand behaviour and collect data visually without hassling IT! Use Drag and Drop to collect information from your website.

Profiles evolve in Real-time

Watch Profiles evolve as your customers use your site and app.

Universal Segments

Universal Segments means you can integrate all your data and share segments across every silo. A segment of one. Or a segment of many. Shared where you want it.


Supercharge your marketing

Empower your existing marketing technologies, through the App Store: communication, customer support, sales... the list of integrations is endless.

Synchronize data

  • Real-time Enabled
  • Hourly Disabled
  • Daily Disabled

No Waiting ... for systems to talk

Real-time, anytime or just right-time. Different systems need data at different times. Batched or Streamed, Profile Cloud sends Profiles when you need it.

Synchronize data

  • Real-time Enabled
  • Hourly Enabled
  • Daily Disabled

What we wanted was no small feat; we have over 1.4 million blogs. That's a lot of data.

Martin Lundberg, Blogg.se

Our technology

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