A radically different approach to the multichannel challenge


Consumers engage across separate channels and devices.

This leaves data in different silos.


We pull that data together from any technology through our integrations.


Profile Cloud combines this data and creates one profile for every customer and prospect.

Thousands, millions of profiles.
One for each customer and prospect.
Evolving in Real Time.


Distribute data to any platform.
Trigger communication on any Channel.

All messages synchronised and personalised

  • Real-time

  • Platform Agnostic

  • User Interface

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Privacy Compliant

  • Open API

Clients using a single Real-time Profile

Dansk Supermarked used Profile Cloud and:

  • Personalisation increased conversions by 324%
  • Retargeting increased conversions from 2% to 7.6%
  • Personalisation accounts for 5% of all orders generated

Profiling in a multichannel landscape is challenging… we needed the glue between the silos. Innometrics’ primary function is exactly that.

Steen Kronborg, Enterprise Architect, Dansk Supermarked

Arla used Profile Cloud and:

  • Increased membership 55%.
  • 35% online to instore purchase.
  • 500k data management costs saved PA.

Of 30 IT projects we’ve implemented, this was the second most important project for our whole business and the only one delivered on time and budget.

Dennis Stenberg, Competitive Intelligence Manager, Arla Group

Three Mobile used Profile Cloud and:

  • Improved conversions on key products by 20%
  • Personalised experiences for every customer
  • Prevented shopping cart abandonment through
    behavioural triggers

From CRM to call centres, we have a lot of data. We want to connect these data silos, create segments and use Profile Cloud as the engine for all of our content.

Alexander Widmark, Conversion Manager, 3 Mobile


profiles created across all of our clients and counting…


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